Tuesday, May 12

Marty McSuperFly

Just working on a piece for an upcoming show called "The 80's". It's gonna be all things 80's from cartoons, movies, and video games. The show is being presented by the Autumn Society at Brave New Worlds (Olde CIty) and premiering on Friday, June 5th from 6-9pm but will be up for most of June so go check it out if yer in the area. And the by the by, the comic store it's in is just about the coolest comic store I've been in! More to come so check so back here for a more finished version... TO BE CONCLUDED!

Oh yeah...

What the hell's a jiggawatt?!


Chogrin said...

Killer sketch!

JLPastecchi said...

I'm loving your style!! And of course Marty! Ahhh the best childhoods came from the 80s... turtle, Indy and star wars. I pray for the future!