Thursday, February 19

Paris at Night

My mom's birthday is coming up; Feb. 23rd, so i decided to make her a picture. She's going to Paris this summer so i thought i'd make her a gift to remember the trip by that she hasn't gone on yet! Aren't i nice? I also must say that it looks much better in the really real world cause i printed it out on some cool paper that looks like old parchment paper, then i cut it out and burned the edges to give it a more worn look, and then i sprinkled some water on it which gave it some cool splotches of faded color and then i framed the whole thing! Maybe i'll take a picture before i give it to here and post it on here if anyone cares...

So I started watching 30 Rock, and i must say it is a lot better then i thought it would be. I think Tracy Morgan and Alec "I have a raspy voice that i didn't used to have and my face is red and bloated" Baldwin are both hilarious! And Tina Fey isn't bad which is a step up from before when i thought she wasn't good at the old comedy business.


kim thinks 30 rock sux said...

your picture is cool which i have already told ya! BUT 30 rock is BAD. Alec Baldwin is awesome otherwise.. Tracy Morgan is cool.. Tina Fey is LAME... and all together the show is lame. :)

Abz said...

Great colours..and sets a beautiful mood!

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