Thursday, January 1

Friendly Neighborhood Webhead

I felt a little neglectful in regards to my comic book roots.... pretty simple choice there wouldn't ya say? On a side note... what a wonderful day new years day has been; there has been a Twightlight Zone and Looney Tunes marathon running all day on Scifi and Cartoon Network. What a country.


Julie said...

I watched almost that entire wonderful sci-fi marathon. It was by far one of the best new years ever!

ed #77 said...

nothin about your hockey roots on here! don't hate on hockey kid!!!!

Johnskibeat said...

Dude, your cartoons are awesome.
The Shaun Of The Dead one is killer.
Just thought I'd drop you a line seeing as I've been telling my mates to check you out. Always nice to hear nice words, that's what I say.

John, UK.

IAN said...

Johnskibeat - thanks for the kind words my interweb friend