Thursday, July 31

Tommy Boy Cartoon!

Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy...
I got stuck in an areopuerto for 18 hours... and this was the first sketch i did while waiting for what felt like an eternity. I did have some good company though :)

Thursday, July 10

Keep Moving Foward

Well here we go. I guess this is the official beginnings to Atomo Comics. It is my my own imprint that I will be releasing comics and such under in partnership with Cave Drawing Ink. And now all i have to do is start working on some of new stuff... which i am! Let's just say that i'm working on a follow up to one of my books that has some sword fighting and treasure to be had. Well, that's all for now and i'll get back to work but in the mean time...

Thursday, July 3

Shaun of the Dead Cartoon

I'm pretty satisfied with this hog... whatdya think?
Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
(I just found out that whatever you make the title of the post becomes search-able in Yahoo and Google so i'm gunna start making the titles more related to the topic. This way people can search for things like Shaun of the Dead and my cartoons will come up! Exposure; who would thought it would be more then just showing the old franks and beans!)