Sunday, December 21

Predator Cartoon

"You are one ugly mother--"
Just finished up this one piece, i think i'm gunna make some variations on this one as well. Possibly one without the mask and possibly one more.

Saturday, December 20


i was visiting my local internet and i stumbled onto this video. i warn you... i actually started to laugh so hard i started to cry. and if you guys know me, it takes a lot for me to laugh out loud when i am by myself. and to laugh so hard i started to cry? what kind of video could do this? well just watch and see, and if you don't like it, well then who cares cause i did!

The Ninja Cat - Watch more free videos

Wednesday, December 17

If it bleeds we can kill it...

He certainly is not done yet but some people are just so gosh darn impatient so i just wanted to post this guy while i'm still working on it. Comments, concerns, pointers, suggestions... just be sure to send them to

ps - the incredibles and ratatouille soundtrack are so good i think i'll kiss them

Wednesday, December 10

New Look

New card... whatdaya think? Picked'm up from the printers yesterday.
Nice coloring.
That's called bone. And the lettering is something called Sillian Rail.

But seriously,I came up with a new look for my business card cause i ran out of the old ones. I figure they should reflect my current style (whatever that is...)

Tuesday, December 9

Russell Has a Beard

Here's a piece i recently finished for this guy, it's going to be used for his band/cd. And that's all i have to say about that... love that duct tape!

Wednesday, December 3

The Big Lebowski Cartoon Update

I realized i made a updated version of my Lebowski print and never posted it. I added the fresh new background of the bowling alley and immortalized Donny. I think the change is for the better... the Dude abides.