Monday, September 29

Baltimore Comic Con

Hey howdy hey! Got back from Baltimore Comic Con last night (and boy are my arms tired! sorry couldn't resist) and it was awesome! It seems that i am developing quite a nice small following in comic book land! I had a lot of new people and even a few people come by who i have met before and came back for more. A special thanks goes out to Jason my SuperFan™ who picked up some new things but also gave me these great books just full of move posters; old and new.
While at the con, I met with some fellow artists; some small, some BIG and we are going to be coming out with a new collaborative project sometime in the near future. More on that as it develops... I would also like to say that I am beginning work on a follow-up / prequel to my Pieces of Eight book (I'm very slow so please be patient).
I did a bunch of sketches, which i will post some below, along with a couple of commissions, and met a whole lot of cool new people! Not sure what Con i will be at next but i will keep everyone
updated. Thanks again for coming out and supporting me and my silly cartoons!

Here i am with Brian Maze at our table at show.

A close up of the goods!


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i remember you!!! your stuff was (and is, every time i check out your blog) AWESOME work!