Sunday, August 31

Sally Jupiter Pinup

A little while back I was asked to do a pinup for a book coming out called The Children of Watchmen. It's going to be a book full of Watchmen pinups and i decided to do one of the lesser knowns cause i figure there will be a million Comedians and Rorschachs. So i went with the Silk Spectre I or Sally Jupiter. The book is going to be published by the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and is scheduled to launch at Brave New Worlds comic shop on 2nd street in Philly on Friday, October 3rd. I believe there will be some kind of show for the book where all of the artist's and their contribution to the book will be on display and possibly for sale! So come check me out and all my fellow cartooners! I'll post more info about the show on the right hand appearances section when i find out more info. On a side note, isn't it odd that I was asked to contribute to the Philly Cartoon Society even though I'm from Jersey? I'm feeling the brotherly love...

Friday, August 29



This isn't doodles but this is cooler then doodles will ever be... it's FRIGGIN' DINOSAURS! I'm seeing this show on either Saturday, October 11th or Sunday, October 12th at Continental Airlines Arena (i refuse to call it the IZOD Center). Tickets range from $25 - $88. Whose coming with me!? ROOOOAAAARRRRRRRRRRR! You can find out more about it
right here and buy your tickets from Ticketmaster
right here!

Wednesday, August 13

Gladiator Cartoon Final

"Are you not entertained!?"
I think i nailed this one... this one's for you Bri.

A change of pace...

Here's that logo i worked on previously which went from...
Oh well... I liked the first one much better but the customer liked the second more. To each is own...

Tuesday, August 12

Tommy Boy Cartoon!

"I've seen a lot of things in my life but that was... AWESOME!"
Okay, I promise this will be the last Tommy Boy cartoon... maybe.

Monday, August 4

Willy Wonka Cartoon (the good one...)

"Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous."
I started to read Gene Wilder's book called Kissing a Stranger and it's amazing. And this is coming from someone who doesn't read... at all. I then got inspired to draw Willy Wonka. And well, there you have it...

Maximus from Gladiator Cartoon

"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius..."
The final piece from my airport holdover... I just get excited when i see his screaming head! I DO NOT ENTERTAIN! (actually i just looked that quote up on and apparently the line is "Are you not entertained!?", boy is my face red...)

Tommy Boy Cartoon Update

After speaking to a couple of people i decided to go back and change some things little Tom Callahan. Made some tweaks to the face and his new and improved clip-on tie. Whatdya' think?

Friday, August 1

Leon the Professional Cartoon Sketch

As you the fans requested... Leon! He was another that i did while waiting for my MIA plane. I'm going to start coloring and cleaning him up very soon so keep your eyes open!