Thursday, April 17

Hey you, get your damn hands off her...

Here's a little sneak peak at the super awesome happy wacky action time comic that is coming out in May from yours truly! It's another anthology from Cave Drawing Ink; titled Rise of the Outlanders. I have the first story; Atomic Joyride from Outerspace of 6 in total. They all are about (in some shape or form) an alien invasion! How cool is that?! I got to do a sweet retro 1950's Sci-Fi B Movie style story, written by Sam Moyerson. It's basically our spin on the origins of Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico (even though that actually happened in 1947, it's just easier to say a 1950's story). I can't wait! We are also going to have a table to promote / sell the crap outta the new book among other cool crap in Wizard World Philly; May 30th- June 1st! Wooooooo!

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