Sunday, December 21

Predator Cartoon

"You are one ugly mother--"
Just finished up this one piece, i think i'm gunna make some variations on this one as well. Possibly one without the mask and possibly one more.

Saturday, December 20


i was visiting my local internet and i stumbled onto this video. i warn you... i actually started to laugh so hard i started to cry. and if you guys know me, it takes a lot for me to laugh out loud when i am by myself. and to laugh so hard i started to cry? what kind of video could do this? well just watch and see, and if you don't like it, well then who cares cause i did!

The Ninja Cat - Watch more free videos

Wednesday, December 17

If it bleeds we can kill it...

He certainly is not done yet but some people are just so gosh darn impatient so i just wanted to post this guy while i'm still working on it. Comments, concerns, pointers, suggestions... just be sure to send them to

ps - the incredibles and ratatouille soundtrack are so good i think i'll kiss them

Wednesday, December 10

New Look

New card... whatdaya think? Picked'm up from the printers yesterday.
Nice coloring.
That's called bone. And the lettering is something called Sillian Rail.

But seriously,I came up with a new look for my business card cause i ran out of the old ones. I figure they should reflect my current style (whatever that is...)

Tuesday, December 9

Russell Has a Beard

Here's a piece i recently finished for this guy, it's going to be used for his band/cd. And that's all i have to say about that... love that duct tape!

Wednesday, December 3

The Big Lebowski Cartoon Update

I realized i made a updated version of my Lebowski print and never posted it. I added the fresh new background of the bowling alley and immortalized Donny. I think the change is for the better... the Dude abides.

Tuesday, November 25

Diner Sign...

There is one website at work that I get total control over as far as the art is concerned; The Toy Space and everytime I get to make a new image for them it's so exciting. So I figured I'd share it with you cause I thought it ruled.

Monday, November 24


Here's a piece i recently did for freelance for a friend of mine. Love those spandex shorts! And checkout those old school Marvin the Martian sneakers...

Tuesday, November 18

Zapp Comics Signing

Grand Opening Event & Annual Sale
Saturday, November 22nd

In conjunction with our Annual Sale, we're holding our Grand Opening of our new Manalapan location! Check out our selection of back issues,statues, toys, new comics, TPBs, Hardcovers, etc. Come help us celebrate with: Storewide Sale, Freebies, and some special guests! Featuring local artists Scott Derby, Ian Glaubinger, Dave Perillo & more! pick up their latest work including comics, prints, original artwork and more! Artists will be appearing from 10:00am through 3:00pm. Please check with store for further details.

Zapp! Comics (in the SuperFoodtown Center)

700 Tennent Rd # 5
Manalapan, NJ 07726

Call us at 732.866.6655 Zapp! Comics

Sunday, November 9

Old Edward Scissorhands Sketch

I did this for Mark Brook's agent; Randy Martin a while ago and he finally emailed me a copy so i thought i'd post it...

Tuesday, October 7

The Business of giving you the business...

I finally got it so I can sell my prints online! So check out the side bar on the right under ONLINE SHOP and let the buying begin! I had to raise my prices a little from my normal comic con pricing because of fees by the credit card boogerman, sorry. Right now it is just the 4X6 prints. If this does well i might expand the selection of prints. You can check out all of the prints for sale HERE and on the right side bar as well anytime. Just follow the simple instructions and you will be on your way to commerce heaven!

P.S. - I'm going to go see Walking with the Dinosaurs this weekend... hooray!

Monday, September 29

Baltimore Comic Con

Hey howdy hey! Got back from Baltimore Comic Con last night (and boy are my arms tired! sorry couldn't resist) and it was awesome! It seems that i am developing quite a nice small following in comic book land! I had a lot of new people and even a few people come by who i have met before and came back for more. A special thanks goes out to Jason my SuperFan™ who picked up some new things but also gave me these great books just full of move posters; old and new.
While at the con, I met with some fellow artists; some small, some BIG and we are going to be coming out with a new collaborative project sometime in the near future. More on that as it develops... I would also like to say that I am beginning work on a follow-up / prequel to my Pieces of Eight book (I'm very slow so please be patient).
I did a bunch of sketches, which i will post some below, along with a couple of commissions, and met a whole lot of cool new people! Not sure what Con i will be at next but i will keep everyone
updated. Thanks again for coming out and supporting me and my silly cartoons!

Here i am with Brian Maze at our table at show.

A close up of the goods!

Tuesday, September 23

The Day the Earth Stood Still Poster

Check out this piece I just finished for a commission for my Superfan™. He wanted a poster in my 'style' of the Day the Earth Stood Still with some extra stuff... some Star Wars, Spongebob, and some of my characters thrown in there as well. I like it, so should you. On a side note, I will be at Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend. I will be at table number #40 with Brian Maze selling all of our latest and greatest stuff; like the poster above! Come stop by, give me all your money and then bask in the glow of all the sweet stuff you got for such a great price. I'll be doing free sketches and not so free sketches as well!

Sit Boo Boo sit. Good dog.

Tuesday, September 16

Giant Atomic Seamen Poster

I don't think I ever posted this one and Kim asked why not? So i ask you... why not!? It is one of my favorite pieces and I am actually working on another one right now; actually 2 more! One for Russ (it's a secret...) and one commission for my SuperFan™ of The Day the Earth Stood Still. But this one should hold you over for now... and if you want to buy one in super large sweet print size that would be swell, cause if not i will surely kill myself*.

*Void Where Prohibited. I may actually show up at your door and kill you. Blackout (or Whiteout while we are at it) dates apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Promotion not available in Portugal; nor is karate. Please consult your doctor before taking Ian orally.

Wednesday, September 10

Leon the Professional Cartoon *UPDATED*

You can all thank Jarrod for "De-Borat"ing Leon, giving him a tan, and getting rid of that stinky mustache. And now I like it MUCH better now. Score one for Jarrod and Subway! Oh wait, not that Jarrod...

"And stop saying "okay" all the time. Okay?"

Leon the Professional or as Kim likes to call him; Leon the Radiator... I tried something a little different this time, so try and guess? Give up? Already?! That was quick... i made the character without any outlines and i think it came out just smashing good. On a side note, I'm a little concerned because you people ("What do you mean; you people?", sorry couldn't resist) seem to think i am pretty stupid just as much as you like Pepsi... make sense? No? Great!

Tuesday, September 2

Iron Man Cartoon

I am Iron--, Iro--, Man of Ir--, hehe, I am Iron Maiden!... No, that can't be right. No, of course I'm not drunk! Do you have any idea who I am?! I barely even had 1 drink and-- BLEEEECHHHHHHHH! Oops... OKAY!! So maybe I had a sip or two from grandpa's old liquor cabinet, what of it?

Monday, September 1

Sally Jupiter Pinup Variations

Just messing around with some color variations... what do ya think? It starts with the original vector image all the way to what i believe to be the final color image.

Sunday, August 31

Sally Jupiter Pinup

A little while back I was asked to do a pinup for a book coming out called The Children of Watchmen. It's going to be a book full of Watchmen pinups and i decided to do one of the lesser knowns cause i figure there will be a million Comedians and Rorschachs. So i went with the Silk Spectre I or Sally Jupiter. The book is going to be published by the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and is scheduled to launch at Brave New Worlds comic shop on 2nd street in Philly on Friday, October 3rd. I believe there will be some kind of show for the book where all of the artist's and their contribution to the book will be on display and possibly for sale! So come check me out and all my fellow cartooners! I'll post more info about the show on the right hand appearances section when i find out more info. On a side note, isn't it odd that I was asked to contribute to the Philly Cartoon Society even though I'm from Jersey? I'm feeling the brotherly love...

Friday, August 29



This isn't doodles but this is cooler then doodles will ever be... it's FRIGGIN' DINOSAURS! I'm seeing this show on either Saturday, October 11th or Sunday, October 12th at Continental Airlines Arena (i refuse to call it the IZOD Center). Tickets range from $25 - $88. Whose coming with me!? ROOOOAAAARRRRRRRRRRR! You can find out more about it
right here and buy your tickets from Ticketmaster
right here!

Wednesday, August 13

Gladiator Cartoon Final

"Are you not entertained!?"
I think i nailed this one... this one's for you Bri.

A change of pace...

Here's that logo i worked on previously which went from...
Oh well... I liked the first one much better but the customer liked the second more. To each is own...

Tuesday, August 12

Tommy Boy Cartoon!

"I've seen a lot of things in my life but that was... AWESOME!"
Okay, I promise this will be the last Tommy Boy cartoon... maybe.

Monday, August 4

Willy Wonka Cartoon (the good one...)

"Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous."
I started to read Gene Wilder's book called Kissing a Stranger and it's amazing. And this is coming from someone who doesn't read... at all. I then got inspired to draw Willy Wonka. And well, there you have it...

Maximus from Gladiator Cartoon

"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius..."
The final piece from my airport holdover... I just get excited when i see his screaming head! I DO NOT ENTERTAIN! (actually i just looked that quote up on and apparently the line is "Are you not entertained!?", boy is my face red...)

Tommy Boy Cartoon Update

After speaking to a couple of people i decided to go back and change some things little Tom Callahan. Made some tweaks to the face and his new and improved clip-on tie. Whatdya' think?

Friday, August 1

Leon the Professional Cartoon Sketch

As you the fans requested... Leon! He was another that i did while waiting for my MIA plane. I'm going to start coloring and cleaning him up very soon so keep your eyes open!

Thursday, July 31

Tommy Boy Cartoon!

Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy...
I got stuck in an areopuerto for 18 hours... and this was the first sketch i did while waiting for what felt like an eternity. I did have some good company though :)

Thursday, July 10

Keep Moving Foward

Well here we go. I guess this is the official beginnings to Atomo Comics. It is my my own imprint that I will be releasing comics and such under in partnership with Cave Drawing Ink. And now all i have to do is start working on some of new stuff... which i am! Let's just say that i'm working on a follow up to one of my books that has some sword fighting and treasure to be had. Well, that's all for now and i'll get back to work but in the mean time...

Thursday, July 3

Shaun of the Dead Cartoon

I'm pretty satisfied with this hog... whatdya think?
Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
(I just found out that whatever you make the title of the post becomes search-able in Yahoo and Google so i'm gunna start making the titles more related to the topic. This way people can search for things like Shaun of the Dead and my cartoons will come up! Exposure; who would thought it would be more then just showing the old franks and beans!)

Wednesday, June 25

That's just swell Mister!

Check out this logo i made based on 1950's cartoons and advertisments! I love the 50's! ( i know, if i love it so much why don't i marry it? well maybe i will!) I really like the way it came out and i hope the client does as well and it gets used!

Wednesday, May 28

Space Tacos

I don't know much about Green Lantern except that he's named after John Stewart from the Daily Show and that, seriously who doesn't love a good taco now and again...