Friday, November 30

Thursday, November 29

So you come seeking treasure?

Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten, from the Battery to the top of Manhattan... and New Jersey!
Check out this sweet map I'm making for one of my clients at work! Notice the cool sea monster right below Brooklyn! It's the
KRAKEN! (not really)

Tuesday, November 27

Band Logo for Mister Wood

Been helpin' my buddy out and (re)making a logo for him and his band; The Krisp. Actually he didn't know i was remaking it it until i showed it to'm. WOOOOOO

Monday, November 26

Devil Girl

Welcome to my very plain blog... with some help from HH i hope to make it look nicer in the future. Here's something i'm working on at the moment. Woooooo! I have a blog; how lame is that? Don't answer that....